Coach Peter's Cell: 403-903-1491


  • DO NOT fence at home with your parents and siblings!
  • If you target practise WEAR A MASK!
  • DO NOT bend the blade too much! (I will show you how much is too much)

General Care

  • Don’t rest your jacket on dirty surfaces between use
  • Machine wash the jacket alone or with other washable, white fencing garments (like underarm protectors or knickers). Use cold water unless you’re certain the jacket has already shrunk (or if you’d like it to). Cold water should not shrink the jacket.
  • Do not wash the conductive equipment (Lamé)
  • Hang fencing clothes at home to air dry. Do not store it in a bag that it is transported in to the club.
  • Keep the blade away from the whites to avoid rust stains
  • Store your weapon (foil/epee) tip up or in a way that the tip does not rest on the ground
  • Hand clean the mask if necessary with mild soap, rinse it well also brush the mesh. Let it air dry. If the mask has removable lining, machine wash it.


Epic Fencing Club

#1, 3320 14 Ave NE


University of Calgary

2500 University Dr NW


Trico Centre

11150 Bonaventure Dr SE

Upcoming Events



Sept 8th -  Classes start at the Main Location

Sept 14th - Classes start at the Trico Centre


Age Categories in 2020/2021

Youth-10 -- Born 2010 or later
Youth-12 -- Born 2008 or later
Youth-14 – Born 2006 or later
Cadet-  Born 2004-2007
Junior - Born 2001-2007


Domestic Equipment Standards



Penalty&Offence Chart













  • @EpicFencing
    Hi Members and fencing fanatics. The Club is closed for the long weekend from May 15th to May 17th. Classes resume on May 18th.

  • @EpicFencing
    Coach Anthony had a great first class with our Saturday morning beginner class. The kids all had a fantastic time.

  • @EpicFencing
    Carolina finished top 16 in Y14 women’s epee! Congrats



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