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Many of you have noticed and asked questions about why some fencers take private lessons so we thought it was a good time to answer some frequently asked questions.

Who takes fencing lessons?

Any fencer can take private lessons: beginners, intermediates, recreational, competitive, and Olympians! You just have to ask and we can help you schedule a session with one of our coaches.

What is a fencing lesson?

Private lessons are taken in addition to the group class and open fencing time. They are one-on-one sessions with a coach where the fencer practices and improves their fencing skills.

Why do fencers take private lessons?

The one-on-one setting is an ideal place for the fencer to increase their focus, to improve their technique, coordination, and precision, and to learn tactics. Improving these skills actually makes fencing more enjoyable because the fencer can draw from a wider repertoire and can control the bout more effectively. 

Does a fencer have to take lessons to improve?

Yes and no. Fencing development occurs through a combination of cross-training, footwork practice, drills in a group setting, bouting with peers, and private lessons with a coach. This means that fencers have a variety of ways they can add to their skills and improve their abilities. Lessons are not the only way a fencer improves, and a fencer can certainly get better without private lessons. However, private lessons are a proven development tool in our sport. They are used to help fencers hone their skills all around the province, country, continent, and world! It is highly recommended that fencers include these in their training.

Can we take semi-private lessons?

Semi-private lessons are also an option for beginner, intermediate, and recreational fencers. In these sessions, 2-3 fencers of approximate age and level work with one coach. If your fencer has a sibling or friend they want to take semi-private lessons with, please let us know!


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