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The goal of the sport therapy clinic is to elevate the level of care of the Epic fencing club to help athletes an their families continue doing the activities they love. 

Certified Athletic Therapist, Jill Purdy, will provide injury assessment and rehabilitation treatment services for Epic fencing club athletes and family members. Treatments are tailored for each person and provided on a one on one basis. She will work with the coaching teams and personal trainers to safely return fencers to their sport.

We provide quick-thinking, on-field, emergency care for elite and developing athletes. We are the first to respond when someone gets hurt on a playing surface. It is that mix of on-site care and in-clinic rehabilitation skills that make athletic therapists effective in treating injuries.

We follow a Sport Medicine Model of care. This means we treat patients using various manual therapies, modalities, exercise prescription, bracing and taping.

The injury may differ, but our goal is to help athletes return to their usual activities safely and efficiently.

Additional qualifications & services 

As a Certified Athletic Therapist at the Jill has significant training and experience working with athletes. Additional skills and services include:

  • Red Cross First Responder or Emergency Medical Response certification
  • Fiber glass and Thermal plastic casting/splinting training
  • Therapeutic taping 
  • Gait Analysis
  • Exercise Therapy prescription
  • Myofascial release
  • Soft Tissue Release 
  • Guasha Technique
  • Acupressure Therapy
  • Flexibility and joint mobilization training


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Age Categories in 2022/2023

U11/ Y10 – Born 2012 or later
U13/ Y12 – Born 2010 or later
U15/ Y14 – Born 2008 or later
Cadet/ U17 –  Born 2006-2009
Junior/ U20 – Born 2003-2009


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