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At EPIC, we strongly believe that we need to promote participation amongst girls at an early age to ensure they have a positive relationship with sport and to effectively tackle entrenched gender gaps. Fencing is a unique sport with a strong community which can foster active living for life amongst girls and women.

One of Epic’s primary goals is to build strong, confident females through the sport of fencing. We promote women in sport both through increasing the participation of girls in fencing and supporting our female athletes in becoming confident and effective leaders.

EPIC Fencing is pleased to have amongst our leaders, three outstanding female athletes, competitors, and coaches:

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Eleanor Harvey (7th 2016 Olympics, 17th world ranking); Kelleigh Ryan (8th 2020 Olympics, 16th world ranking); Alanna Goldie (Four-time NCAA medalist) and Member of the Canadian National Women’s Foil Team (5th in 2020 Olympics)

Fencing can help increase flexibility and balance, lower stress and reduce cognitive decline and can be an excellent option for challenging both mind and body as we age. The sport offers many health benefits, such as increased flexibility, agility, strength, coordination, and balance and improved mental focus. It can also help reduce stress. A sport requiring strategic thinking and often referred to as physical chess, fencing has been associated with reduced age-related cognitive decline in a study by the Medical & Science in Sports & Exercise (MSSE), the monthly journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. Fencing is considered a lifelong sport and there are people fencing in their 80s.

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